Too cute! Hunter McGrady is a busy woman these days, but she is happy to have her husband, Brian Keys, by her side through it all. The model got candid about her amazing love life while speaking exclusively with Life & Style. “He is the most supportive man I have ever met in my life,” the 26-year-old explained before she hosted DSW’s first-ever inclusive Runway Redone fashion show in New York City on Wednesday, September 4. “I could tell him I want to wear a paper bag as a dress, and he will be like, ‘Do it. I think you would look beautiful as that.’ He is just my biggest cheerleader. I think that in a partner, that is really important.”

Fortunately, Hunter revealed that her relationship is pretty easy. “He gets why I do what I do, and there is never any jealousy,” she admitted. “There is never anything of him going, ‘I just don’t think you should do that.’ It’s, ‘Babe, if that is your passion, then do it.’ I think that is really important, and he is just so special.”

Hunter McGrady Gushes Supportive Husband
Courtesy of Hunter McGrady/Instagram

From the moment Hunter met Brian, 43, she knew he was The One. “I just walked into this place in the West Village called Bobo, it’s a French restaurant, and I saw him, and I was like, ‘Oh my God — that is my husband,” she confessed. “This is so weird, I don’t live here, but I know I am going to have to move here. We started talking, we closed down the restaurant, and we spent three days straight together.” And the rest is history!

Hunter McGrady Gushes Supportive Husband
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The blonde beauty recently got married in June, but she revealed that nothing has changed. It’s “exactly the same,” she said. The newlyweds are looking forward to their Turks and Caicos trip. “We have both been so busy that I just keep joking to him that I will just catch him at the honeymoon,” she quipped. “I have wanted to be married to him since the day I met him, so it’s nice to be able to call him my husband. I keep calling him my husband. All of my friends are like, ‘We get it. You have a husband, stop.’ But yeah, it’s awesome.”

When she’s not hanging with her hubby, the California native is paving the way for other plus-size models these days. One of the reasons she decided to partner with Runway Redone and DSW because “it’s a runway for all walks of love, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, race, and I think that to me is fashion,” she dished about the event. “That to me is the New York fashion week that I want to be a part of, and it flowed so organically with everything I believe in. To be a part of that is just history in the making.”

You deserve all the happiness in the world, girl!