On tonight’s all new episode of My 600-lb Life, 660-pound father Doug Armstrong is ready to lose weight in order to save his marriage to wife Ashley.

Standing at 6’6’’, the Wichita Falls, TX, resident has been able to hide his obsession with snacking from his family, but can’t hide his obesity. Having conquered addictions to both drugs and alcohol, Doug finds himself facing a new challenge while trying to parent a toddler and twin babies.

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“[Ashley’s] practically raising our family on her own,” he says in a promo. “I should be able to help raise the kids and not have my wife do all of it.”

He adds, “If I don’t make these changes that I need to make, what kind of relationship am I gonna have with my children? I’ve gotta do something so I can be around for these kids. I have to change now.”

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And if anyone can relate, it’s Ashley. The mother-of-three reveals that eight years ago she weighed over 300 pounds before undergoing gastric bypass surgery. After dropping down to her goal weight of 175 pounds, she’s gained back 60. “Instead of being the motivation for him to eat better, I have, in turn, started eating worse,” she admits. “I never expected to be this size ever again. I worked hard and a long time to get there. And I wanted to see that change in Doug too. But I knew that Doug had to want it for himself.”

In a promo for the episode, Doug struggles to feed one of his twins while Ashley tries to make dinner for the family. “I know that Ashley’s getting to a breaking point,” he says. “And she can’t do this much longer.”

Watch the clip below, and tune into My 600-lb Life on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC!

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