He's put in the hard work work to turn his life around, but now he needs a little help! My 600-lb Life star James "L.B." Bonner has rapidly shed hundreds of pounds since first appearing on the sixth season of the hit TLC show, but with that weight loss comes a need unique to his particular situation: L.B. is an amputee who now needs a new prosthetic leg that fits correctly. Check out the video above to learn about the pain L.B. has been going through with his current ill-fitting prosthetic!

"Well y'all, the time has come that I've been dreading. Time to ask for help," the successful My 600-lb Life participant wrote on Facebook. "I've got to the point where I'll be heading back to Texas for the next step and surgery in my journey to get healthy, and I'm also in DIRE need of a new leg. Due to my insurance this one is gonna have to come out of my own pocket and it's gonna be up to $4,000 ($2,500-$4,000)."

L.B., who at his peak weight reached 650 pounds, has since impressively gotten down to the 200-pound range with the help of lap band surgery and beating his alcoholism, on top of a vigorous exercise routine. But due to the pain he's in with his old prosthetic, L.B. has been unable to continue his workout regime.

According to his Facebook post, any leftover money from the GoFundMe page he started on March 25, 2018 will go towards the expenses from his skin removal surgery, as well as the recovery time needed afterwards. "Believe me, this has me almost in tears asking for help and it embarrasses me more than y'all will every know. 🙁 Thank you again to ANY AND EVERY person who has had my back and supported me on this amazing journey to change my life physically and emotionally. Love y'all," he continued.

In just two days, $2,590 of his $7,500 goal has been raised. The grateful reality star took to his Facebook page just a day after posting his desperate plea, thanking everyone for the support he's received so far. "Well, as I get up to get my day started I'm OVERWHELMED with the love and support y'all have showed the 'GoFundMe' to help with my cost of getting a new leg, it was very hard for me to ask for the help," he wrote. "Especially since I've wanted to be strong and inspiring to others, this has made me feel weak or less of a man for asking for help… I know it's a struggle to eat humble pie and ask for help, but just know from the bottom of my heart I thank each and everyone of y'all, for sharing and following my journey."

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