Malia Tate might just have found love in Teen Wolf: The Movie, and actress Shelley Hennig is here for it — kind of! The actress gushes exclusively to Life & Style about being “naked” in the film and hooking up with a new costar.

When fans find Malia in the Paramount+ film, which premiered on Thursday, January 26, the werecoyote is still in Beacon Hills. However, this time she appears to be in the midst of a budding romance with Deputy Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley), something that “surprised” Shelley, 36, when she first heard about it.

“When Ryan read that he has to hook up with me in the script, he sent, ‘Noooooo,’ as a text message to me. I was like, ‘What?’” the Ouija actress recalls. “He’s like my brother, so it was super weird. But also it wasn’t, we’re professionals. We’ve done this before and he was the best person to do it with.”

Shelley adds, “We were able to do it,” referring to their steamy scene that occurs at the beginning of the movie. The moment between Shelley’s Malia and Ryan’s Deputy Parrish features them both unclothed during a dramatic kiss

“It was a scene that kept getting pushed for whatever reason. Not because of me, not because of him. It just kept getting pushed and then it became part of the reshoots. It was a world where I wasn’t even able to go and finish. It was a whole — it was very dramatic. So, I’m just pleased that we got to finish it and I’m excited to see it,” the Dollface actress shares. “It’s because both Ryan and I asked [creator] Jeff [Davis] to put us naked in the show.”

Shelley Hennig Jokes About Being 'Naked' in ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie' and Hooking Up With 'Someone New'
James Dimmock/Paramount+

When it came to being naked on the show, Shelley wanted to be “naked alone in the woods by myself.” She jokes, “I didn’t mean hook up with somebody new, so there was a miscommunication, but we were here for it.”

Shelley played the role of Malia for four seasons on the original Teen Wolf series, which aired on MTV from 2011 to 2017. While the movie gave fans a look into her character’s life after the show ended, it doesn’t seem like Malia has any plans to stray from Beacon Hills in the near future.

“Malia stayed before. I don’t see a reason she would leave,” the actress explains, teasing what’s next for the character. “I feel like there’s still a lot of unanswered questions for her because she’s very much in a growing pains phase. I think she was back to fighting for the pack.”