Does Whitney Thore have baby fever? It seems like the star of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life has a pretty serious case of it after her friend Ashley becomes pregnant — and she seems to think that the best cure for baby fever is to focus on being a mom to her two cats, Henchi and Wanda. In an exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode, Whitney practices her mothering skills on her cats and her pal Ashley worries that there might be a deeper reason behind it.

In the clip, Ashley walks in on Whitney as she practices her swaddling — a technique used to wrap infants tightly in blankets in order to soothe them to sleep — and diaper-changing skills on her cats, and Ashley starts to wonder if things with Whitney are okay. Watch the video below to see the full sneak peek!

“I almost wonder if she’s not like, substituting the cats for this baby that she feels like she lost with the false positive,” Ashley reveals in her confessional.

Ashley is leaning on Whitney to help her get through an unexpected pregnancy this season — she even admitted that she had not been expecting to get pregnant after going on only three dates with her baby daddy — and Whitney is stepping up big time for her pal by agreeing to be Ashley’s birthing coach when times comes for her to go into labor.

But all of this baby talk is making Whitney slightly panic about her own fertility and her ability to become a mother in the future — and it doesn’t help that she experienced a pregnancy scare like no other while she was dating her previous boyfriend, Lennie Alehat.

As fans remember from last season, Whitney thought she was pregnant with Lennie’s child because she had taken multiple pregnancy tests that all came back positive. After receiving her first ultrasound, she later found out that she wasn’t actually pregnant and her PCOS was the reason why she had gotten what is referred to as a false positive.

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