What would you do if you found out your boyfriend was engaged to someone else? And had not only cheated on you and this other woman, but on a whole bunch of ladies? That’s the predicament My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore faced after she realized Avi Lang was set to marry a woman named Nada Louis. And we’ve got a timeline of the whole cheating scandal…

Whitney and Avi met online in September 2016, according to her Instagram post about their first interaction. He told her he didn’t want to be Instagram official because he didn’t want coworkers to know he was dating a woman who wasn’t Jewish. Whitney fell head over heels for the guy, and she came super close to converting to Judaism in order to marry him.

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🍵🍵🍵Thanks for watching the premiere with me! Next week is going to be much harder once you meet Avi (and by the way, it is NOT Avi Kaplan from Pentatonix 😂). . Since my friends & fam ROASTED me about Avi, I present to you my first interaction with him (don’t bother looking him up; he disabled this account). Peep the date…September 11, 2016. And keep scrolling to see him at the dance battle, blurred, because he never wanted to be on TV. I dated Avi for MANY months before any of this that you saw tonight happened. I didn’t think about converting to Judaism overnight. I don’t want anyone to think I approached my relationship with Avi (or that decision specifically) flippantly. . Join us next week, Tuesday at 8/7c for two more hours of #MyBigFatFabLife & I’ll keep serving up that 🍵, #Aviously

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But in April of last year, Whitney publicly exposed Avi’s two-timing ways. “What’s the name for [that feeling when] you discover the man you were dating was simultaneously planning a wedding with another woman?” she wrote on Instagram, tagging Nada. “For some reason, my ex-BF never wanted me to post pics of us! I think he’s just shy!”

In December, we got an up-close look at the relationship carnage via TLC’s trailer for My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 5. At first, all seemed wonderful, with Whitney raving about her “really amazing guy.” But then, we saw Whitney tearfully ask Avi, “Did you love me?”

When the season started airing, we learned Avi had ghosted Whitney. "I just feel defeated,” she told her friend Tal. “And he’s the one who's brought up marriage and stuff — I have never brought it up. He’s the one who goes off on these fantasies. It just feels like the rug’s been pulled out of me — I come home and I think, like, everything’s still great and all of a sudden, it’s like, ‘Did you meet someone else?’”

At some point, Whitney and Nada publicly confronted Avi at a Starbucks, which we saw on the show. “Before people come for me about getting too involved too quickly, please remember that Avi and I were dating for almost [eight] months when I found this out,” she wrote on Instagram. “You never saw him on camera during Season 4 because he didn’t want to be (and now we know why)!”

Whitney also told followers about some of Avi’s lies. “If you saw last night’s episode of #MyBigFatFabLife, you know that my ex-boyfriend, Avi, lied to his fiancée [Nada] about dating me,” she said in a Jan. 10 post. “In fact, he said that he could never date me because I was ‘too American,’ ‘too loud,’ and because I act like an ‘alpha male.’”

Nada took to social media to call out Avi’s duplicity as well. “[Whitney] ‘officially’ helped me out the man who not just wasted almost [three] years of my life but also deeply hurt me and several other women,” she tweeted. “I’m so grateful for the love and friendship of this strong lady.”


And in the latest episode, which aired on Jan. 16, Whit and Nada made a chart of the women Avi had cheated on. All 11 of them allegedly came forward after the reality star first exposed Avi on social media.

One lady, Allison, even met up with Whitney and Nada to read a love letter Avi had sent her. “I kind of feel a little jealous,” Whitney said. “I don’t know why, because I don’t want him, clearly, but honestly, he was really, really in love with her … I know how stupid it is, like my mind knows, but my heart hasn’t had the time to catch up, I think.” If Avi ever wants to have an actual relationship with someone, he better hope they don't watch TLC!