The best way to deal with a cheater is to confront them! Whitney Thore thought she met the man that she was going to marry when she started dating her boyfriend Avi Lang, but she quickly realized that she wasn’t the only woman in his life. Earlier this season on TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney found out that she was unknowingly one of Avi’s side chicks because he was engaged to a woman named Nada Louis the entire time they were dating — and in an exclusive sneak peek for tonight’s showdown, Whitney and Nada pull up on Avi to confront him in person!

In the clip, Nada recorded a video on Whitney’s phone as Whitney drove to a nearby coffee shop where Avi was recently spotted. Whitney got tipped off by a friend and immediately jumped in her car with Nada to go confront him and it all happened so quickly that TLC cameras didn’t have time to start filming until they arrived minutes later. Watch the video below to see the full sneak peek!

Whitney previously shared the camera phone footage in a now-deleted post on Instagram last week and she felt the need to explain to her fans why she was so frantic as she drove to ambush Avi. “Excuse the language; I was in a state,” the 33-year-old wrote. “And before people come for me about getting too involved too quickly, please remember that Avi and I were dating for almost [eight] months when I found this out. You never saw him on camera during Season 4 because he didn’t want to be (and now we know why)!”

Fans also wondered why Whitney decided to work together with Avi’s fiancée instead of turning against her, and Nada explained why she befriended her man’s side chick. “Because girl solidarity and sisterhood is awesome. It was definitely part of the healing process,” Nada wrote in the comments.

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