Boy, bye! Season 5 of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life started out with a huge change in Whitney Thore‘s dating life — after splitting from her ex Lennie Alehat, she found love again with a mysterious man named Avi Lang. But Avi was mysterious in all the wrong ways — and after coming this close to walking down the aisle with Avi, Whitney found out that Avi was shady AF and he was engaged to another woman the entire time they were dating.

But to make things even worse, instead of confessing to his fiancée Nada Louis about his eight-month relationship with Whitney, Avi continued to lie and he claimed that he would never date or hook up with Whitney — and she took to Instagram to slam her ex for saying hurtful things about her in order to cover up his infidelity.

“If you saw last night’s episode of #MyBigFatFabLife, you know that my ex-boyfriend, Avi, lied to his fiancée [Nada] about dating me,” the 33-year-old wrote on Instagram. “In fact, he said that he could never date me because I was ‘too American,’ ‘too loud,’ and because I act like an ‘alpha male.'”

“So…here’s to all the alpha women who are self-confident and shameless, who stand up for themselves and don’t accept bulls–t from men,” she continued. “To the women who support each other and will go full out Nancy Drew to expose the lies and manipulation that too many men are used to getting away with — if being called an ‘alpha male’ is the worst insult you’ve heard, you’re in really good shape.”

After Whitney reached out to Nada to reveal her affair with Avi, the women came together and formed a friendship in order to take Avi down together — and Nada even thanked Whitney for revealing the truth about their cheating, lying ex.

“[Whitney] ‘officially’ helped me out the man who not just wasted almost [three] years of my life but also deeply hurt me and several other women,” Nada wrote on Twitter. “I’m so grateful for the love and friendship of this strong lady.”