Are Whitney Thore and Lennie Alehat still together?

The star of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life shocked her ex-boyfriend when she told him on the Jan. 31st episode that she's pregnant with his child — especially because she suffers from PCOS, which can cause infertility. But now that she’s expecting baby No. 1, does that mean they’ve rekindled their relationship?

“I don’t know if a child would actually bring us back together. I had never thought about it,” Lennie said. “It might — I don’t know.”

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After Whitney broke the news to the artist, his reaction was not what she expected. Though the 32-year-old thought he would storm out, she started crying when he said he wanted to be there for the child.

But even though Lennie is stepping up to the plate, it remains to be seen whether it will bring them back together as a couple.

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Even though he seemed uncertain at the time of filming, Whitney posted a cryptic throwback photo of her and her ex after the episode, captioned, “Thankful.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Whitney before her PCOS-related weight gain.