Whether it’s Chase Chrisley‘s hilarious facial expressions, Todd’s on-point comebacks, Julie’s cooking, or Savannah‘s fashion choices, there are many reasons we can’t get enough of Chrisley Knows Best. But there is one unspoken hero on the show who never gets the proper credit she deserves. Of course, we are referring to Nanny Faye. Where else do you think Todd Chrisley got all of his quirky charm? Throughout the four years, Faye has low-key become our favorite character in the reality family show. Life & Style put together the top 10 times Faye stole the show. 

Whether it was her eagerness for drinking and meeting new guys, or her talk of “boochie coochie” that stole our hearts, we will never know. We just hope we grow up to be as fierce as the 75 year old. Laugh all over again and relive some of the Nanny Faye’s greatest moment on the show below