You don’t wanna cross NeNe Leakes, y’all — she will call you out. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to social media to set the record straight after Bravo TV boss Andy Cohen claimed the 51-year-old unfollowed him on Instagram after the season 11 reunion taping.

“I will say it AGAIN! I was NEVER following @andy on Instagram. He wasn’t following me or any housewives! He knows this,” she wrote on Twitter on March 12. “In fact, I texted him and asked, why did u say that on WWHL when we don’t follow each other! ALL FACTS! Now go ask him! I NEVER need to lie. For what?”

All of the he said, she said drama started when a fan called in during the March 10 episode of Watch What Happens Live and asked why NeNe had unfollowed her costar Cynthia Bailey on social media but not longtime RHOA guest Marlo Hampton, who was appearing on the episode.

“I actually heard that she unfollowed everyone on the cast, except Shamari [DeVoe] after the reunion,” Andy told the caller with a laugh.

“Everyone? She didn’t unfollow me,” Marlo, 47, revealed. “You’re going to have to tune into the reunion for that one.” As if we’d need another reason to watch? Girl, please! We’re there.

Just a minute after learning about the OG Atlanta star’s social media moves, he also learned he too was a victim of the unfollow button.

“By the way, the control room is telling me NeNe also unfollowed me,” the talk show host said as the studio audience. “They said she unfollowed me from Instagram, for sure, and they are now checking Twitter.”

A day after the talk show episode aired — and a day before NeNe’s tweet — the 50-year-old new dad did confirm the RHOA star was indeed still following him on Twitter.

“NeNe is right! We follow each other on Twitter,” he wrote, to which she replied in a retweet, “Thank you for clearing that up! Now post this on your stupid ass blogs.”