There’s more where that came from, Matt James! The Bachelor star will have five new girls come into the fold to compete for his love on the Monday, January 25, episode of the ABC series — and Michelle Young, a 27-year-old from Edina, Minnesota, is one of those special ladies. Read on to learn everything we know about the new contestant!

Michelle Is a Teacher

The Minnesota native is an elementary school teacher who “focuses on preparing her students to be the next generation of community leaders,” according to her show bio. She is also “admittedly an overworker,” but we bet her students love having her undivided attention.

Michelle Is a Former Athlete

The educator is a former Division I basketball player, which is the most competitive level of the sport at universities. Though it seems the athlete no longer plays regularly, we wouldn’t be surprised if she and Matt end up bonding over their love of the game.

Michelle Is Into Quality Time With Friends

According to her bio, “when Michelle’s not working, she loves to spend time with friends hiking and wine tasting.” The former basketball star is “very adventurous in life and in appetite” and says that “all of her favorite restaurants are local food trucks.”

Michelle Is a Dedicated Partner

The wine enthusiast “describes herself as loyal, compassionate and supportive” as a partner. She also enjoys “[showing] love through acts of service,” according to her ABC profile.

Michelle Knows What She Wants

She decided to join the reality dating series “because she is ready to find love and a man with whom to start a family.” As far as her dream man goes, he is “confident but not cocky and will look at her as his equal in all things.”

Michelle Bachelor Potential Contestants

“Michelle has big dreams for the future and says she wants a man by her side that is supportive and driven to make the world a better place,” the Minnesotan’s bio reads. “She is looking for the superman to her superwoman and says that, together, she hopes that she and Matt can fall in love and change the world.”