What could it be, y’all? Singer Nick Jonas is also an actor and a damn good one, too. So when he took to social media to tease a possible new project, we were obviously all ears. Then we saw his new wifePriyanka Chopra, pop up in the comments section, and we couldn’t deal with the cuteness.

On February 5, the 26-year-old posted a cute video of himself teasing something he called “exciting” in his caption. “Shooting something very, very exciting today,” he said in the vid. “Can anyone guess what that might be?” He flashed a quick, sweet smirk to the camera before ending the vid. We’re, like, totally fine, we promise.

Nick’s 36-year-old wife was, of course, the first to comment on the adorable vid: “What is it what is it????” We were all thinking it, but Pri said it. What the heck is this JoBro up to now?!

Fans and followers naturally flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts and predictions about what Nick could be cooking up. “New music,” was one fan’s answer to the mystery, while others were convinced the youngest Jonas had gotten his recent superhero wish. “Batman,” was the word on several commenters minds since Nick offered up his acting services recently to play the next incarnation of the role. Maybe he’s shooting a little turn as the Gotham hero!


But the overwhelming majority of comments were various keysmashes involving the word “baby.” That’s right, folks — everyone is stilling gunning for Nick and Pri to procreate ASAP. We don’t blame them.

Unfortunately, though, it seems like the couple might wait it out for a while before officially starting a family. “Nick and Priyanka aren’t in a rush to start a family. They are really happy right now and decided they want to wait a few years before they start having children,” an insider recently told Life & Style exclusively.

Who knows what Nick’s super-secret project is, but we’re going to love it no matter what — that much, we know.