She may be tiny, but she’s fierce AF! Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi recently announced that she’ll be opening up her very own store, The Snooki Shop, in Madison, NJ. Pretty awesome, right? Well, try telling that to the locals. To be fair, however, Snooki doesn’t need defending. She’s got that covered all on her own. 

On Sept. 19, the 30-year-old took to Instagram to slam Madison, NJ residents who have been petitioning against Snooki’s store. In her post, Nicole clapped back at a particularly ignorant hater who wrote: “You have made a post whining for people to give you a chance because no one in town wants your store there solely based on your reputation, I would say. Smart business move, Snooks. I’ll stop by when I need condoms, dry shampoo, and an oversized stuffed alligator.” Ouch! 

Snooki’s reply? Well, it was pretty epic. “Sometimes I just have to share some of people’s insightful comments. Ignorant really. I don’t whine. I stand up for myself and my brand, just like I need to do to you, a fellow mommy. God bless, girl. The Snooki Shop in Madison coming soon! Disclaimer: I will not be selling condoms, dry shampoo, or stuffed alligators.”

You tell ’em, girl! After all, revenge is the best form of success. Naturally, Snooki’s fans crowded the post with nothing but love. “Yas, girl, yas! I’m behind you all the way!” one user wrote. “Don’t listen to any of that, Snooki. We all love you for exactly who you are,” added another. 

It seems that no matter how far the mother-of-two has come, people still see her as a not-so-bright-eyed guidette from a trashy reality TV show. Here’s the thing, though: Snooki has become so much more than that, and it’s about time that people start respecting her as the entrepreneur she is.