The upcoming episode of Total Bellas turns into What Would You Do? when Nikki Bella straps on a fake baby bump to go wine tasting with the fam — and gets some pretty awkward reactions when she starts drinking!

"Just think, Nicole, you're going to give everyone at the vineyard a story to go talk about today,"
Brie Bella, who was actually pregnant while shooting the episode, says in a teaser. When a staffer asks Nikki if she wants to taste the wine, she says yes, insisting that "my baby likes to have all the fun too." Clearly the employee doesn't think she should be having quite as much fun, only giving her a drop of alcohol. "Look how much he poured me," she laughs. "You got the pregnant pour," her mom says.

The staffers aren't the only ones who take issue with Nikki drinking while "pregnant." "I feel like those girls keep looking at me," she says. "Don't they keep looking?" Brie tells her to confront the women, but the teaser cuts off before the big moment.

There may be just a hint of an ulterior motive with the stunt. "The belly is here and I have to admit, I'm really excited to see what I look like as a pregnant woman," says Nikki, whose soon-to-be-husband John Cena has repeatedly said that he doesn't want children. "You actually look really cute pregnant, you sent John a picture, right?" asks Brie. "Yeah, he was like, 'delete!'" jokes Nikki. Watch the judgement unfold on Wednesday, Oct. 4, at 9 p.m.