There are some things a wife should just know: her husband's phone number, his fave food, who's making the life-or-death decisions if he's ever hospitalized… you know, normal stuff. That's why Nikki Bella basically loses her mind in a sneak peek for the Sept. 27 episode of Total Bellas when she realizes she has no idea who fiancé John Cena's power of attorney is… and he refused to tell her!

"That's up to me," says John when the WWE Diva asks who would be making what may be the most important decisions of their lives. Then, he drops a bombshell: "It's not you." Nikki tries to play it cool, saying, "Well good I'm happy it's not me, kind of… I wanna be No. 2." But guess what? She's not his the second choice, either. "You're not even on the list," John reveals. Okay, so Nikki and John aren't married yet. Maybe he'll make her power of attorney once they tie the knot, right? Wrong. He won't even let her know who it is!

"You're never going to tell me?" she demands, obviously frustrated. "No, it's confidential," he responds, coldly. It's no surprise that that doesn't sit right with Nikki, who has been with John for almost five years. "We share a life together. I understand that I'm not his wife but like I feel that if I'm not the power of attorney I should know who is because John is my everything. He's my world."

John just asked Nikki to marry him at Wrestlemania 33 on April 2, but now she's having doubts. "That's like keeping a secret from me," she tells him, and then vents in a confessional that "I feel as if this has taken us a few steps back instead of forward. I don't know. I just, I wish he would tell me." Watch the clip below: