It's been almost four years since Chris and Danika Garlotta decided to leave their San Francisco home and travel the world and capture it all on their popular blog and Instagram No Destinations. Since 2014, the couple has visited 50 countries and hundreds of destinations but they are about to embark on their biggest journey ever.

The travel bloggers recently revealed they are expecting their first child together! "We were actually on a river cruise through Germany," Danika told Life & Style exclusively of finding out she was pregnant. "I wasn't feeling very well and I thought something might be up, so I took a test and what do you know. Looking back on those pictures now, it's hilarious to know what we were both going through."

The couple has decided to "settle down" in Amsterdam before the arrival of their first child, but that does not mean they are slowing down. They are currently working their way through Rome and Florence, and can't wait for their little traveler to join them. "A baby will just make it awesome. We have no fears or hesitations about traveling with the child and we both can't wait to go on trips as a family of three," the mom-to-be said. "It will be so much fun to have a little person around with us and to be able to see the world through their eyes. It's a new experience we are both looking forward to."

Their decision to leave their friends and family behind the United States was not an easy one for the couple, who initially planned to travel for one year. However, they do make time to return home once or twice a year, with a trip planned for this Thanksgiving.

"I get homesick all the time. I miss our family, I miss the little things, like family dinners, going to Target and just being around a place that completely familiar. I also really miss San Francisco," Danika, who was a director of marketing before becoming a professional nomad, added. "Chris doesn't really dwell on the past or get homesick at all. He always looks to the future and what new and exciting adventures we can go on."

She continued, "We are just excited to have a little person with us to show them the world and to help them discover new places, new tastes, and new sites. The idea of introducing someone to the things that we've seen is so exciting… I can't wait to see how his little curious mind works."

Congrats to the happy couple! Be sure to follow Chris and Danika's adventures on their website and on Instagram!