Holy spaghetti sparkle, could this be?! Olive Garden tweeted out a picture of a restaurant-inspired makeup palette and it’s literally parmigiana perfection! The nude palette was sprinkled with food-themed names such as Royal Ravioli, Alfredo Awesome, Fierce Fettuccine, and more. We can already picture the future YouTube tutorials where makeup artists blend their bronzer with actual breadsticks.  

The idea is obviously making fans go crazy. One follower commented, “Put in a little breadstick eyeshadow brush and you’ve sold me,” while others are insisting they “need this” in their lives.

Sadly, the Italian restaurant is going to stick to saucing up your plate instead of your face. In a Twitter response, Olive Garden wrote, “It doesn’t exist just yet, Just in our dreams…” With the taste still fresh in customers’ mouths, some are suggesting a collaboration between other makeup brands. Beauty guru Jeffree Star also seemed to be on board with the idea, commenting, “Is this real???”

This comes just weeks after Olive Garden teased the perfect subscription box — a box of breadsticks. They commented on the photoshopped picture, “Okay, finally a subscription box that you REALLY want.???” Once again, the Internet was very supportive of the tasty idea, providing clever names for the box. Although this is only a “dream box,” we can’t help but think they could be on to something here. Olive Garden, quit playing with our emotions and start making these things happen!