Learn from the pro! Kylie Jenner gave fans an inside look at her full makeup routine in a brand new 10-minute video for Vogue and trust us, you don't want to miss this. The reality star spilled the tea on her biggest beauty secrets and gave an incredible guide to her flawless lips, brows, and confidence. Starting with a freshly washed face, Kylie did a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the perfect glam.

Kylie started with her eyes by brushing up her brows, then filling in her ideal shape with a dark pencil. Before adding eyeshadow, she made sure to apply a base using concealer and face powder. As expected, she opted for one of her Kyshadow palettes, using the sparkling golden hue “Heatwave” and shimmery peach “Juicy” and she applied the color with her finger. “I test out most of my stuff on Jordyn [Woods] because we live together,” she revealed. “Everyone that comes in my house has red tinted arms or swatches or shadows.”

The makeup maven later clipped her hair up before applying foundation, opting for a brush to get a seamless finish. Kylie mixes pink and beige concealers to get the perfect skin tone, but she's all about blending. She even paid homage to Kim Kardashian by using her setting powder and used it as an opportunity to clear the air about past rumors. "Me and Kim do not compete. A lot of people think we might. We like making completely different products and we both enjoy each other's stuff, so the more makeup the better."

To finish off her stunning look, Kylie applied bronzer along her forehead, cheekbones, and jawline in a “3” shape. She then opted for a shimmering gold highlighter and "drowned" herself in blush to add dimension. And of course, don't think she forgot about doing those famous lips. “I think I can do it with my eyes closed,” she admitted while lining her plump pout, before adding a layer of matte lipstick. The reality star also revealed “I’m gonna let [Stormi] wear makeup, but when is the question.” BRB, rewatching this video!