Snacking but make it fashion. Olivia Culpo almost made us pass out in her latest bikini pic while she ~casually~ ate an apple. How does she make it look so effortless? We’re not sure but we’re buying a bag of apples ASAP. The model looked stunning in a yellow suit as she flaunted her rock hard abs and perky backside. The bright and fun color is definitely giving us all the right vibes for summer.

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An apple a day

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The 27-year-old practically lives in a bikini so it’s not surprising that she has such an enviable figure. She spilled her diet secrets on YouTube back in April and it was actually very straightforward. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model doesn’t follow any fad diets or crazy weight loss tricks, she simply stresses portion control. “I really try to eat in moderation and I don’t like to deprive myself,” the brunette beauty confessed in the video. “So, if I want to have ice cream, I will have ice cream. I won’t have a whole sundae and I won’t eat until the point I feel sick. I’ll eat to the point that I feel happy.”

Olivia Culpo yellow bikini sports illustrated bikini pic model apple
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The video documented how she eats before a “bikini shoot,” but it was pretty limited so it wouldn’t be doable 365 days a year. “To be honest with you, on a day-to-day basis, I like to stick by the 80/20 rule which would be 80 percent of the time I’m good, 20 percent I indulge,” she explained.

While she’s getting photo shoot ready, she does make one major sacrifice. “A big part of this diet that’s very, very important and crucial and very annoying is that you cannot have any alcohol. No wine. None,” she sadly acknowledged. Wine is pretty much fruit though, right? That reasoning won’t work this time. “It’s basically sugar. It completely counteracts the entire metabolic system you’re trying to create in your body,” Olivia added.

The rest of the meal plan was chock-full of veggies, eggs, turkey bacon and other lean meats. “The keys are high protein, low carbs, no sugar, no alcohol, high fiber,” the Rhode Island native summarized.

Well, it looks like it’s definitely working. Keep slaying, Olivia!