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So, What Exactly Did Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Do During Their Time at NYU?

Remember when the Olsen twins were in college for all but a New York minute? Yeah, it's all a blur now, but back in 2004 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen matriculated at New York University, paving the way for celebrity twins for years to come. And now that we think about it, what exactly did Mary-Kate and Ashley do when they went to NYU, besides wear 14 layers of clothing while clutching gigantic Starbucks cups?

Well, we can answer one thing definitively: leave early.

Mary-Kate was the first to bounce, returning for her sophomore year, but setting sail as early as October 2005. Among the many vague reasons for just up and leaving, hearsay was that she was broken-hearted over ex Stavros Niarchos III; in a perfectly mid-2000s move, the Greek shipping heir had just taken up with Paris Hilton. "[Paris and I] always only had nice things to say about each other," MK told W Magazine at the time. "Now I guess you can tell we're not talking." Yikes.

Ashley dropped out later in the year, always having to back-pack on Mary-Kate's decisions. Whatever, Ashley. She did, however, make an interesting vouch to get into the school, citing Jackson Pollack's "Number One" as a metaphor for her life in her application essay.

"Some people look at it as complete mayhem, or just paint splattered on a canvas, and yet there’s so much emotion behind it," Ashley explained. "Some people will never, ever get that."

Cool, so she got that whole NYU pretension thing down, at least. Below, fond memories of what the twins were up to in their year(s) as college students