As the world watched Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen grow up, there was much applause over how the teen idols had stayed clear of boozing and partying unlike their socialite counterparts in the Hollywood scene. "They did not enter rehab or get married in Las Vegas or star in a series of god-awful movies intended to get their careers back on track," The Washington Post noted on the precipice of their 18th birthday. Mary-Kate was in rehab a month later, to the shock of a nation who had grown used to their PG-rated appeal. This begs the question: at what point did the the twins stop being the "Wholesome Olsens" and start being Mary-Kate and Ashley, international playgirls and party animals?

…and at one point did they stop being that and become two Death Eaters with an admittedly respectable career in fashion?

Before we uncover the specifics, we'll let you in on a little secret: Mary-Kate and Ashley weren't that squeaky clean from the get-go. But publicly, the Olsens' wild era was a very clear cut span of 2004 through 2008…with, okay, maybe some overhang into 2009. It all begins with some dark rumors coming to light around the girls' 18th birthday and was elevated by their liberation on the campuses of New York University. They flaunted their smoking habit and partied until the break of dawn, now free from the odd world of straight-to-video sing-alongs. But Mary-Kate and Ashley were not immune to burn out, and ultimately they really retired from overtly bad behavior. It seemed that overexposure to the spotlight, the desire to become serious businesswomen, and even a tragedy forced them to settle down and retreat into their now more reclusive lives. Below, a breakdown of how their public images shifted and we ended up with the version of the Olsen twins we have today.