The Olsen Twin Guide to Posing (Or Not Posing) for the Camera

Say prune! In a world where every little aspect of your lives needs to be documented, it feels right to look to the girls who had every little aspect of their lives documented before iPhones were even a concept: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They remain two of the most recognizable faces — yes, even with whatever's going on with Mary-Kate's visage — in pop culture, and for good reason. Because they've had experience in front of the camera since the days of Full House, the girls have mastered the art of the lens. And yes, that's even when they're furiously dodging cameras on the streets of New York City because they desperately need to grab a coffee on the way to Anna Wintour's botox party or whatever they do.

Naturally, we all want to be that chic, but we're about 20 years too late to the whole starring-on-our-own-90s sitcom thing. That's OK. Even in your advanced age, it's not too late to pose in that oh-so-captivating Olsenesque way. In fact, we broke down exactly how to capture the Olsen twins' iconic, poised lewks. That way, you'll always make an impression whenever you make an impromptu appearance at the Met Gala. Below, all the steps a girl needs to pose (well, "pose") like Mary-Kate and Ashley.