You know the saying, “Take a picture or it didn’t happen?”

Well, for these fine folks eager to tell their friends about their totally awesome celebrity encounters, their pictures exposed the ugly truth — those weren’t celebrities, but random people who kind-of, sort-of look like celebrities.

A shout-out to Elite Daily for finding these gems on Caveman Circus. And another shout-out to the men and women who pretended to be these stars — because that’s just awesome. See a few of our favorites below:

There’s nothing like running into Jake Gyllenhaal at the local gas station…

jake gyllenhaal

Because everyone knows that America’s Sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon, has an eyebrow ring, right?

reese witherspoon

Poor Ed Sheeran. The only thing he has in common with this man is hair color.

ed sheeran

This is just downright offensive. Not every little person is Peter Dinklage, okay?!

peter dinklage

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