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Outer Banks is trending on Netflix — and actress Madelyn Cline is tearing up Outer Banks! She recently filmed her nighttime skincare routine for Harper’s Bazaar … will I be tearing that plan up? Let’s find out!

We start off with a fresh-faced Madelyn and even in just a bland sweatshirt and nondescript bandana to hold her hair back, she looks gorgeous! She tells us that skincare is “massively important to her.” Guess what? It’s massively important to me, too so, right off the bat, we have that in common!

She begins her nighttime routine by sheepishly admitting that she uses baby oil. Well, I love baby oil! She uses it as an inexpensive way to remove makeup and it’s also a great moisturizer. Don’t be embarrassed, Madelyn. Color this dermatologist impressed.

Her face cleansing product is a 10 percent benzoyl peroxide wash, which I’m all for. The one she uses is from Neutrogena, one of my favorite mass brands. But she seems to erroneously imply that it helps with cystic acne. This isn’t correct, as washes like this will help with common acne while cystic acne is often managed with oral medications. The good news is that Madelyn loves the smell and this product does a great job cleansing the skin and will help improve common acne.

Her self-proclaimed “holy grail” products are C E Ferulic and Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2, both from SkinCeuticals. What’s interesting is that she mixes the two of them together which, in essence, makes a very thick Vitamin C moisturizer. Traditionally you’d want to put the serum on first and let it absorb completely and then apply a moisturizer. Additionally, I do have concerns that the vitamin C and the ferulic might be neutralized by the moisturization properties in the moisturizer, but there is certainly no harm in experimenting with this recipe. 

That said, if it works for her, I’m not going to argue. Other great Vitamin C options would be Alto Defense Serum or Vitamin C + E Complex and for a lightweight moisturizer, try Drenched or Alastin Ultra Nourishing

She tops this with a facial spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea. She notes that this smells great, but I’m reticent to believe that there is a mechanism of action where this spray is actually offering a positive benefit. Again, no harm, and if she likes the smell and the experience, I’m not against it from a skin health perspective.

Now it’s time for some eyelash care and she implements DHC Eyelash Tonic. I love this because it protects sensitive and vulnerable eyelashes, but it’s also readily available and inexpensive!

For lips, Madelyn applies Vermont’s Original Bag Balm. She loves this product and I’m all for lip moisturization. Plus, if it’s good enough for a cow’s udders than it’s good enough for your lips! I don’t like that she has been using the same tin for three years, however, so I would recommend purchasing a smaller size and discarding it if you think it’s been sitting in your medicine cabinet for too long. Other great options are Vaseline and Aquaphor

The last step of Madeyn’s skincare regimen is to put on a little bit of perfume. I’m against this and this concept and this is actually the first recommendation she’s made that I don’t like. She’ll smell great, sure, but perfumes are notoriously irritating and I’d like to keep them as far away from my nighttime skin routine as possible.

In closing, Madelyn’s laid-back attitude and no-nonsense nighttime skincare routine have made me a fan. She cleans properly, moisturizes well, protects her lips and indulges her eyelashes. Additionally, she doesn’t use too many products, she makes smart choices and she clearly enjoys the process. 

I’m pleasantly surprised to announce that it’s my contention that she has curated a great nighttime skincare routine! I’m going to be watching her social media accounts for more skincare tips and I’ll be looking out for her on season 2 of Outer Banks.

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