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Celebrities Are Basically Just Wearing Pajamas to Fancy Events and We’re Confused

Uh, what is the deal lately with all the celebrities out and about rocking the pajama fashion trend? Sure, we get it, it’s comfortable (obviously) and can kind of be glam depending on how you rock it and how fancy the little purse you carry with it is. But it seems like it’s taken over, and we don’t just mean in the celebrities-caught-wearing-their-PJs-to-the-grocery-story kind of way. These days, with paparazzi everywhere, wearing your PJs in public is less an “I’m lazy” kind of statement and more “I’m making a statement” kind of statement — especially when it comes to street style. It seems like model Gigi Hadid is constantly rocking some new kind of fancy pajama suit while out and about town.

gigi hadid in pajamas as street style

But what we’re really amazed by is celebrities who show up to red carpets and actual Hollywood events pretty much just wearing their sleep suits. Like, isn’t going to events and red carpets pretty much their job? And not only do they get paid a bajillion dollars and get free clothes and stuff, they also get to go to work in their pajamas? What kind of totally unfair world is that? And how dumb do you think the actress who shows up in a ball gown to a film premiere is going to feel when she sees one of her co-stars wearing a matching pajamas set and realizes she didn’t even have to change that morning, she could’ve just rolled right out of bed and into her limo?

Look, maybe we’re just cranky because we’re not currently wearing our pajamas while at work (although, yeah, okay, that’s definitely part of it). But it just seems, uh, should we say “bold” to straight up wear pajamas to your job, no matter how sparkly or shiny they may be. Nonetheless, these celebrities tried it. Check out the gallery to see stars putting pajama fashion to work.