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Paris Hilton Buys the ‘Worlds Smallest Pomeranian’ for $13,000 — Plus, a Definitive Ranking of Celeb Pups by Size!

Forget Mr. Right. Paris Hilton has found Mr. Amazing!

The hotel heiress is now the proud owner of the "World's Smallest Pomeranian," after she purchased a dog for $13,000, a new report says. Yes you read that right, $13,000.

According to the pup's listing on Bettys Tea Cup Yorkies, the micro pomeranian is just over four-months-old, weighs a mere 10 ounces and is a shockingly tiny 2.5 inches tall.

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Mr. Amazing (yes, that's really his name) is reportedly en route to Paris's Los Angeles mansion where he will join the star's slew of other pets, including dogs Marilyn and Dolce, a few rats, a pig, bunny and a sugar glider.

And because Paris has officially won the award of having the smallest dog in Hollywood, we've decided to compare her new pooch's size to the stature of other celeb pets. Ya know, just for funsies.

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Click through the gallery below to see the definitive ranking of famous pets from smallest to largest!