Paula Patton has a new boyfriend – and he has a wife! The actress is dating real estate agent Zachary Quittman — and Mia Quittman, his wife and the mother of his two kids, tells Life & Style that she isn’t happy about it.

“We’re not even legally separated,” Mia exclusively tells Life & Style. Zachary and Paula have claimed his marriage was over before they hooked up, but his scorned ex says that’s not the case. “Everything that he, that they, are saying is false,” Mia says. “[We] were not separated. His stuff is still in my house!”

paula patton

Paula, 42, and Mia had met each other through some of their kids’ activities, but Mia denies reports they were friends. And Mia claims Paula is showing no remorse that she is tearing their marriage apart. “She doesn’t care,” Mia says. “It’s not a good situation.”