We love a man who supports his lady! On Aug. 27, Pete Davidson got a very special package in the mail and his fiancée, Ariana Grande, couldn’t help but share the precious moment with her millions of fans on Instagram. “He goes ‘my CDs [are] here!'” the songstress captioned the darling photo of Pete. 

The comedian was holding not one, not two, but at least eight of Ari’s new Sweetener albums. OK, that’s just too cute! Also, come on, y’all, take a look at his face. Could he be any more proud? We don’t think so.


Of course, this is hardly the first time Ariana’s soon-to-be hubby has boasted about her. The other day, Pete got very candid about just how happy he is with the “God is a Woman” singer — and we mean, very candid. During a Q&A at Auburn University’s Welcome Week on Thursday, Aug. 23, the SNL star was asked about his bride-to-be — who was also in the audience. 

“What’s it like being engaged to Ariana? It’s like what you would think it was like but, like, 100 times sicker. It’s f–king lit. I’m a very, very lucky boy, and I’m very, very loved and I’m very lucky,” he shared. “And my d–k’s forever hard.” LOL, well, that’s Pete for you, huh? At least there’s no shortage of sexual attraction in their relationship, right? It’s clear these two will never have trouble keeping “the spark” alive. 

Naturally, Ari was perfectly fine with Pete’s comments. After all, she’s got to be used to his particular brand of quirkiness by now. She posted a pic of them on Instagram following the session with the caption, “Bae was funny as f–k and brilliant today as always.” Ugh, can these two just get married already? We’re so ready for a lifetime of flirty (and generally NSFW) social media exchanges.