It’s already chaotic on the new season of The Bachelor, but Peter Weber is using something he learned from ex Hannah Brown to make the best out of any romantic situation he’s faced with.

“Listen, we’re all human. We go through these experiences and no one is perfect,” he recently said on Ben Higgins and Ashley Laconetti‘s “Almost Famous” podcast. “She preached that from her season and that was one thing I took into my first speech to set the tone of my season with the girls. Like, we’re not perfect. We’re raw and be vulnerable and she was displaying that again. Like, she has always done and I love about her. It was an honest talk, those were all real feelings and you guys will see what happens next week.”

It seems like Hannah has had quite the effect on Peter. After all, he almost turned down the opportunity to star on The Bachelor because he thought they would get back together. “I was prepared at AFR to give it a shot … when I knew there was a chance for The Bachelor and I was going to say no to the show,” he told  and  during the January 7 episode of their “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast.

Hannah Brown Cries to Peter Weber on Bachelor
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He continued, “We had a brief saying goodbye to each other off-camera. [Hannah] said that she actually moved out close to where I was living. I said, ‘No way! Let’s meet up,’ we had agreed. I honestly got excited at that point and was like, ‘You know what? Maybe this isn’t over.'”

However, he changed his mind when he saw Hannah try to give it a shot with Tyler Cameron instead. “I had felt some chemistry with her onstage, to be completely honest, and I remember my family and I, we flew out to New York that night,” Peter continued. “That next night, I remember watching the second episode of AFR of her and Tyler and she asked Tyler out and I was like, ‘What the hell?’ Right there, I was just done … over it, moving on. It hurt. I was not expecting that.” At least there is no bad blood between them!