Poor Pippa Middleton! According to Radar Online, the newly minted mama is feeling left out of the royal circle — and it’s all thanks to her sister, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle.

“Pippa is incredibly jealous over Kate and Meghan’s relationship!” a source revealed to the outlet. “Meghan is turning to Kate for everything related to her pregnancy right now and Kate loves it because she is a very hands-on mother. She knows that Meghan wants to be too,” the source continued.

In all fairness, Meghan and Kate’s bonding is a good thing! After all, the pair has reportedly been feuding ever since the former Suits actress accepted Prince Harry‘s marriage proposal. Now the source has suggested that those tensions are finally easing. “At first the two were not in cahoots because Kate felt like Meghan was only in it for fame and status. But she has changed her mind about her,” they said. 

In addition to Kate schooling Meghan on all things motherhood, the Duchess of Sussex has apparently been helping Kate, too… even if she doesn’t realize it. “Kate was very lonely in the palace before Meghan came along. Meghan is bringing life into her and making Kate not so stiff and, for that, everyone is pleased.” How sweet is that?

Meghan Markle, Pregnant, Kate Middleton, Laughing
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Of course, their blossoming relationship has made life easier for their husbands. “Because Kate and Meghan are bonding, this has made Will and Harry closer than ever,” the source added. With Meghan and Harry’s baby on the way, it’s a relief to hear the royal family is full of love. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

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