There's nothing we love more than an awwwww-inspiring pregnancy announcement!

Nikki Wright wasn't sure how to tell her army vet husband Jarred that they were expecting baby No. 2 because he had recently been struggling with PTSD and anxiety after serving in Afghanistan. "It's been rough. Sleepless nights, panic attacks, hospital visits, unnecessary stress on my family," he admitted to BuzzFeed.

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So Nikki decided to enlist the help of police officer Todd Colichia, who had bonded with Jarred during an intense episode brought on by his disorder last year. The Hurst, TX, employee was one of four cops to respond to a crisis hotline call placed by Jarred.

"[Nikki] wanted to tell Jarred but she also did not want him to have any issues with PTSD, and since he and I had history, she thought it would be great for me to be part of it," Todd explained. "I felt honored, for one, that she would even allow me to be part of it, because that's a huge moment in anyone's life."

On April 19, the officer pulled the couple over, and after greeting his friend, Todd told Jarred he was forced to stop them because they had a child in the car with no car seat. Despite the fact that Nikki was holding up a positive pregnancy test in the passenger seat, Jarred didn't put two-and-two together until Todd pointed to his wife.

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"I didn't have my wallet or license on me, so all I'm thinking about is how much this ticket is gonna cost me," Jarred recalled. "Then she hit me with the surprise and I was relieved. I was ecstatic and I went into complete shock. I felt elated."

Todd couldn't be happier for the couple. "Anything I can do for them, for anybody else in the service, I will. This is my job," he said.

Congrats to the duo!