These Creepy Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Masks Prove British People Have No Chill

The crowds are out in full force as London prepares for the biggest wedding of the year — and we have just one question. Are the masks really necessary? Fans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are putting their faces on cardboard and wearing them around town in anticipation for the actress to walk down the aisle, and TBH, it’s creepy.

Even Today Show hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb donned masks on the morning show, proving that it’s not only the British who have no chill when it comes to the royal wedding. However, we’re not the only ones confused by the mania that is sweeping the London streets. Seriously, were people this excited for Prince William‘s nupitals?

prince harry meghan markle masks

“Just saw a woman walking alone through market square with a Meghan Markle mask on, u ok?” one resident tweeted before another chimed in, “People dressed up as the royal family, one in a wedding dress wearing a Meghan Markle mask parading through Hugglescote. Do people not have jobs?” A third jokingly added, “My missus is just not getting into this royal wedding spirit. She’s refusing to wear a Meghan Markle mask in bed tomorrow night.”

Not be left out, people were also spotted disguised as Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, and even a pack of corgis. Now, corgi masks we approve.

Well, if you want your very own Prince Harry and Meghan mask to wear while you watch the wedding from your couch, you’re in luck! Click here print out your very own masks (we promise we won’t judge) — and keep scrolling to see more of the creepiest Meghan and Prince Harry fans spotted on the streets ahead of the royal wedding.