It looks like Prince Harry has always had a soft spot for actresses! On Nov. 1, news broke that the father-to-be‘s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas landed a major role in a six-part television series titled The White House Farm Murders.

According to Marie Claire, the 29-year-old will be playing model Sheila Caffell (nicknamed Bambi) who was murdered in 1985 along with the rest of her family. The case has since become one of the most infamous England has ever seen. TBH,  it sounds like a real nail-biter, especially if you’re a true crime junkie. 

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Need more convincing? Well, the plot will reportedly be centralized around Sheila’s brother Jeremy Bamber, who was later put on trial for allegedly carrying out the murder of his parents, sister, and two younger brothers. 

However, Jeremy maintains to this day that Sheila was actually the one behind the crime, suggesting that her mental illness caused her to carry out a bloody murder-suicide. Murder? Wrongful conviction? A royal ex? Ummm, yes, please. Sadly, however, The White House Farm Murders isn’t set to air until 2019. 

As to whether or not Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, will be tuning in? It’s likely! After all, Cressida did attend the pair’s royal nuptials back in May. Plus, Harry and the starlet only dated for two years. We hardly think the Duchess would be jealous of a fleeting romance that.

If anything, that’s nothing compared to Harry’s other ex-girlfriends. Take Chelsy Davy, for example. She and the now-34-year-old dated on-and-off for nearly seven years. Now that’s a relationship worth banning a TV show over.

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Then again, Chelsea also attended the royal wedding! So, who knows? Maybe Meghan is perfectly immune to all of Harry’s exes. Must be nice!

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