The world may know her as Princess Charlotte, but her dad, Prince William, has a special nickname for his little one, and it’s too adorable.

On Monday, May 20, the Kensington Palace Instagram account shared a glimpse into William and Kate Middleton’s lives as parents, and it is there where the dad-of-three, 36, revealed he calls the 4-year-old by a different name. “Mignonette!” the Duke of Cambridge called out to his daughter who was swinging at the duchess’ RHS Chelsea Back to Nature Garden. “Give me a push,” he told her as she ran in his direction.

Mignonette comes from the French and it means “dainty, pleasing, gentle, kind.” The origin of the word is mignon, which means “small” or “delicate.” Considering Charlotte is a combination of all those things, it’s not surprising he calls her that.


However, some royal fans are torn and believe William wasn’t actually calling her mignonette, due to the prince’s accent and fast pronunciation. Some believe he actually said “been on it,” referring to the roped swing. TBH, that seems unlikely because as soon as he finished speaking, Charlotte replied, “Yeah?” as if he called her.

Prior to the sweet father-daughter moment, William was bonding with his eldest son, Prince George. “What would you give it out of 10?” William asked George, referring to his mom’s beautiful garden. “10 being the highest,” he added. “Twenty!” the 5-year-old jokingly replied while on the swing. “20 out of 10? That’s pretty good. I think mummy’s done well,” he replied to his son.

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Matt Porteous/Kensington Palace via Getty Images

It’s not often George is seen talking, and fans couldn’t help but share their excitement over the rare moment. “This is so amazing. It is so lovely to hear George’s voice,” one person commented on the Instagram post. A second person commented, “This is the first time the general public has gotten to hear the voice of the future King George VII!” It’s noteworthy for sure!