The Keto Guido is back — just in time to remind you of your summer goals. Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino took to Instagram on May 22 to show off his insanely chiseled abs, which, let him remind you, are all thanks to the low-carb diet he swears by.

“Fasted workouts every day. I love burning fat in the morning with nothing in my stomach. I do drink a lot of water or have a bit of espresso before … then get after a nice moderate workout with cardio/calisthenics/weights,” the 31-year-old wrote about how the fitness and food sides of his life come together on a mirror selfie highlighting his exercise prowess.

But he wanted to let fans know that his routine is in line with his goals — which might be different for someone else. “It’s not a bodybuilder workout,” he continued. “This is what I do because it makes me feel good, stay lean and works for me.”

“It also makes that meal I have after soo much better 😋,” the MTV star joked. “Also my last meal is hours before I go to sleep … so that’s a lot of time where my body is fasting, burning stored fat and repairing itself.”

If you’re a fan of the Staten Island native, you probably already follow his keto-focused Instagram account, @ketoguido. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the lifestyle or just starting out, his feed is chock-full of advice, food ideas and insight from Vin’s own personal experience with cutting refined carbs from his diet.

Some of his best posts, however, are his incredible side-by-side transformations. It didn’t exactly look like the reality star was out of shape when he shot the original JShore series, but his comparison shots do show how far he’s come. He wrote, “Living this way of life has brought me back to feeling good like I did when I was 21 in 2009.”