All hail the Keto Guido! Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino made headlines when he dropped 50 pounds after doing the most sacrilege thing an Italian could ever do: giving up carbs. Since he saw the light at the end of the carb-less tunnel, Vinny has rebranded himself the Keto Guido and has been enlightening fans and followers to the low-carb lifestyle since creating his viral Instagram page, @ketoguido. But now? He might just be ready to take the next step and write a Keto cookbook.

At first, Vinny wanted to keep the secret under wraps. “I’m still doing the Keto stuff,” he told Life & Style exclusively at the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club premiere on Jan. 7. “You know what sucks, like, I have like a bunch of projects that I’m working on right now but they haven’t been announced so you know, eventually I’ll be able to, like, talk about them, but just keep following me, keep supporting me.”

But when we pressed for some hints, the 31-year-old pretty much spilled the beans. “Something like, cookbook-ish…”  Something “cookbook-ish” sounds like a cookbook to us! But is his mom involved? “Yes, she’s always involved,” he said.

Can we just take a second and imagine Vinny and his mama collaborating on a Keto cookbook? It would truly be a breakthrough for carb-addicted Italians everywhere.

Vinny Guadagnino, Sunglasses, Posing
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But the potential cookbook isn’t the only thing the Keto Guido has on deck. “TV, digital stuff. So definitely some big stuff.” Um, could that be the sound of Vin’s own show? Let us pray.

“And I have a clothing line called Name Brand NYC,” he also told us about his other projects. “That I wear on the show and it’s just like, I don’t take it that seriously but it’s like a weird thing, like shirts that say, like, AX and it means anxiety.” Oh, like Armani Exchange? “No, it’s a play on that. So that’s my kind of company that I do, my creative outlet.”

Looks like Vin’s got a lot on the horizon for us to watch out for! We literally can’t wait for any of it, but in the meantime, we’ll continue to binge-watch Jersey Shore reruns while eating Keto-approved snacks.