On DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino‘s new dating show Double Shot at Love, we’ll be seeing them shake off the old hookup habits and slide into the dating DMs as ~adult gentleman~ ten years after Jersey Shore‘s legendary premiere. But when contestant Brittani Schwartz, a.k.a. B-Lashes, spoke exclusively with Life & Style, she revealed their player pasts didn’t really have her worried about how they were about to play the dating game.

“Obviously Pauly is an icon, everyone knows who he is, everyone’s seen him grow up,” the hopeful explained. “It’s almost like … knowing your ex-boyfriend’s past, but this is someone brand new and, you think at least, you already know them from television. So it’s a lot of new ground to uncover and so you don’t have the preconceived notion of who he is.”

Sounds like a pretty fair point to us! We’ve seen many years of dating and hookup antics between Vinny, 31, and Pauly, 38, so we totally get having to put that stuff aside to attempt to create a genuine connection. Dating shows are hard, y’all!

Brittani Schwartz

But the 27-year-old didn’t have a hard time clearing her head to make room for the potential of a love connection. “My first impression of Pauly was a phenomenal one. He came off very genuine, very kind and respectful of me,” she revealed. “Initially, I was excited, but I was also a little intimidated! It’s Pauly D! Like, I’m B-Lashes from Lake Grove, Long Island, and this is Pauly D.”

We couldn’t believe Brittani was so nervous. Turns out, she was worried about the one thing that made her stand out: her nickname.

“I was worried about my first impression, though, with both Pauly and Vinny because, you know, I’m with 20 girls, everyone’s beautiful with big, different personalities and I come in as B-Lashes,” she explained. “Everyone else has got their regular name, you know, and I’m right away thinking, ‘What the hell are they thinking about me,’ what’s going on in their minds, what am I coming off as. I was nervous!”

Honestly, raise your hand if you think B-Lashes would fit right in with the whole Jersey Shore crew, though. Like, come on! Her nickname is so cute and too perfect — we wouldn’t be surprised to see the guys vibe with her on that alone.

“Pauly is gonna be Pauly D — that’s who he is inside and out,” she said. “I’m B-Lashes, through and through so I felt like that would connect.”

Let’s hope!

Double Shot at Love with Vinny and Pauly airs on MTV Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.