He’s single and kind of ready to mingle? Vinny Guadagnino is the most recent eligible bachelor on the cast of MTV’s hit reality TV series Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but don’t expect to see him in the smoosh room much during Season 2. Last season, Vinny was pretty restrained while he was out partying with his roomies because he had a girlfriend back home. But now that they’ve split, Vinny is a free man and he exclusively revealed to Life & Style if he was looking for wifey or if he was just looking to hookup while partying it up in Las Vegas.

“Definitely not looking for a girl [on Season 2] cause I really did care about the girl that I was with,” Vinny told Life & Style. “And if I wanted that, like [a] relationship like that, it would still be with her. So this is just like alone time for me, and it’s also not what I used to do which is like, ‘Let me hook up with every girl in sight.’ It’s like, if that comes it comes. We’re in Vegas, obviously we’re having a good time but [I’m] definitely more selective now so like, it happens at certain points. But it’s not, ‘I’m looking for a girl and wifey,’ and it’s not like, ‘I’m looking just to be ratchet all the time.’ Again, I still really care about that girl I was with, but I’m single and having fun when it presents itself.”

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Vinny was on his best behavior during Season 1 when he was still dating Instagram model Elicea Shyann, but there were two occasions where fans felt that he crossed the line as someone who was supposedly taken. First, Vinny physically picked up and carried a stripper while telling her that he would “save” her from her stripper life, and then he got super flirty with two bottle girls and took down their phone numbers at the end of the night. But despite what fans saw on camera, he insists that he is not a cheater. 

“Well, I mean, I don’t think I cheated. I think that I was drunk and flirting with bottle girls, but I think that cheating is more of a — I did the wrong thing,” Vinny admitted, taking full ownership of his actions. “But I think cheating, the word is…I’ve known cheaters. I’ve seen cheaters who have relationships with girls, who text girls, who f–k girls, you know, kiss girls. That’s more cheating. I’m like drunk in a club with 10 cameras on me going ‘ You’re so hot’ to a bottle girl. I joke about it, but the reason why I’m not with my girl is nothing because of that. I’ve spoken to her about that. She didn’t care about that at all, but the world did. But we broke up for other reasons because she lives on the other side of the country.”