Second time’s a charm. Scheana Shay took to Twitter on Monday, July 15, to reveal she is in the process of freezing her eggs once again.

The 34-year-old documented the process on her Instagram Story earlier that day when she injected herself with hormones. A confused fan tweeted the brunette beauty expressing their concern.

“Been watching your IG stories and I missed what [you’re] doing all the shots for,” read the tweet. “I don’t know how you’re doing it. I’m terrified of all needles — let alone giving myself three at a time. Ouchy.” The Vanderpump Rules star then replied, explaining what she was doing. “Freezing my eggs. Round 2!” she wrote in a quote-tweet.

This led more fans wondering about her experience. When someone asked her why she was freezing her eggs for the second time, Scheana simply said she “didn’t get that many the first round.”

A third fan shared some insight into her own personal life, which led the reality star to give her opinion. “How are you finding the whole process?” wrote the fan. “I’m single, 33 and I haven’t found the right guy yet, but I’m so aware that the clock is ticking.” Scheana said, “I highly recommend it!”

Scheana first opened up about the procedure in November 2018. “It would be very selfish of me to not do it now and then be, like, 40 and find the love of my life and be like, ‘I should have frozen my eggs when I was 33,’” she told Us Weekly at the time.

On January 19, she shared a photo of herself at the hospital before freezing her eggs for the first time. “Today’s the day! Bye bye eggs!” she began her Instagram caption. “For me personally, this has been a very easy, painless and awesome experience. Everyone is different I’m sure. I am single and nowhere near trying to have a baby. So for me — yes, this was an easy process and when I say painless, I’m referring to the needles which I have no problem with.”


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“We retrieved 12 eggs and only got 9 mature of those, so I am already planning a second round this summer because the more the merrier and better chance of being viable once fertilized down the road!” she continued.

The time has finally come. Good luck!