It’s that time of year again, people! Fall is almost upon us and that can only mean one thing: PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. Now that the temperature's dropping, establishments are slowly unveiling their pumpkin-flavored beverages, snacks, and spreads. Scroll down for info on where to find them!

When is Dunkin’ Donuts bringing back pumpkin spice?

It’s already here!! Dunkin’ officially launched its descent into Pumpkin Spice Land on Aug. 28. "For guests, seasons evoke feelings of nostalgia and when seasons change our fans are looking for products that are going to evoke those feelings and memories associated with the season," Paul Racicot, director of research and development for Dunkin' Donuts US, told CNBC. "Pumpkin has been very popular in that sense, and we're expecting to see a similar response to our newest flavor, maple."

But the pumpkin fun doesn’t stop at beverages. At Dunkin' you can get everything from pumpkin muffins to pumpkin donuts (duh) to pumpkin cream cheese spread — a new addition for the company. Other fall specials include maple pecan coffee and maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwiches. "In fall, you think of things like pumpkin pie, apple crisp, and of course, maple," Racicot said.

When is McDonald’s bringing back pumpkin spice?

In mid-August, a McDonald’s insider with the Twitter handle @McD_Truth tweeted that the pumpkin flavoring at the fast food chain is back! "It's August and look what the delivery brought in…add $MCD to the early #PumpkinSpice adopters," the "McD vigilante" wrote alongside a pic.

When is Starbucks bringing back pumpkin spice?

Well, there’s no official release date yet, but a sneaky barista on Redditer posted on the Starbucks subreddit that there were jugs of the flavor syrup already in stores! “August 11th, 2017 1:09 p.m. EST Pumpkin spice logged and confirmed,” the post reads. “Halloween is 81 days away, Thanksgiving is 104. Why is this here so early…..”

While clearly, this Starbucks employee is a little bummed that summer is being cut short by the fall flavor, we couldn’t be happier! So basic b—hes, you may be able to ask for a PSL right at this very moment — try it, they probably have some in the back.

And say you go in and get denied your fave caffeinated beverage… that’s okay! Starbucks recently announced that they’re creating a line of ready-to-drink pumpkin-flavored lattes and coffees to be sold in grocery stores. For people who like to brew their own coffee at home, there are also coffee grounds being sold that are infused with the classic fall flavor. So basically, Starbucks is taking care of all your pumpkin spice needs!

It’s clear that a lot of coffee sellers are really upping their pumpkin game! Are you on-board with fall coming early this year, or are you gonna hold off on the pumpkin craze for a bit?