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See Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman, and the Rest of the ‘Revenge’ Cast Today!

It's hard to believe it has been nearly seven years since the premiere of Revenge. Viewers were introduced to Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) in 2011 — and followed along as she plotted her vengeance against the Grayson family.

Played to perfection by Emily VanCamp, the blonde beauty was our modern day Count of Monte Cristo, making sure the Hamptons socialites responsible for framing her father got what they deserved. Over the course of four seasons, Emily clears her father's name, reclaims her real identity, and finally gets her happily ever after in the series finale.

It turns out, Emily (VanCamp) also got her happily ever after thanks to the ABC drama. She announced her engagement to Josh Bowman, who played Daniel Grayson, on the series last year. However, the couple makes sure to keep their professional and personal lives separate. "Josh and I keep it all very separate. I barely talk about him in interviews, to be honest," she told Elle Canada. "It's just really funny in the moments when we're playing these absolutely absurd things. I call him ‘wife-beater Daniel.' It's hard for my family to watch — it's also hard for them to see me in that light. But we're actors. None of that lives in any of us. Thank God!"

As for her archnemesis, Victoria Grayson — played by Madeleine Stowe — her storyline did not come to an end as she had hoped. However, it sure was fun to watch. "I think the audience believed in Amanda’s fight so much that they couldn’t see Victoria as anything other than a villain. But this woman went through really terrible things," Madeleine told People. "She had horrible parenting and was violated repeatedly. Those violations of her youth turned to madness where she would see people and anything that would threaten her children’s well-being had to be vanquished."

Madeleine continued, "I loved that she was a tenacious mother. I loved her attachment to her son. She was just really tough and cool. I kind of admire her. Other people don’t, but I do." TBH, we had a soft spot for Victoria, too!

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