Get it, girl. Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd tells Life & Style exclusively that the reason why her engagement to Rick Leventhal works so well comes down to their sexual connection — among other things.

“Chemistry, I think chemistry. We just have chemistry. With all the other guys I’ve dated, I didn’t have that sexual chemistry I do with him. It’s unbelievable,” the 44-year-old gushes while promoting Positive Beverage’s new charity initiative October 365 with the launch of their new flavor, Prickly Pear Lemonade. “We get along very well, we have the same exact sense of humor. We just get along and fit well. You can’t explain it.”

Kelly Dodd Rick Leventhal
Courtesy of @kellyddodd/Instagram

Plus, the brunette beauty finds her new man to be the polar opposite of her old ones, like Dr. Brian Reagan. “We’re always laughing. With all the other guys, it was like, God’s complex or they thought they were smarter or better, you know what I mean?” she explains. “With this guy, he’s loving, he’s generous, he’s loyal. He’s just everything I wrote down that I wanted in a man, that’s him. And he’s got my back. Whereas, Dr. Brian? No way.”

After Kelly and Dr. Brian broke things off in August 2019, she quickly fell head over heels for the 60-year-old Fox News correspondent — and even turned heads in September 2019, when she stated the couple would be tying the knot on October 10, 2020. Believe it or not, the Arizona native still has her eyes set on that date.

“Yes, yes and yes. We’re planning on Napa and we’re planning on October 10, 2020,” she explains exclusively. “However, I have not had any time to plan anything so since we really want that number, we may just go to the Justice of the Peace and then have a party after. Because I only just now got an assistant today, I’m so overwhelmed with everything so she can help me plan. But regardless, we are getting married on that day, whether it’s a small group or huge, we don’t know yet.”

Plus, the bride-to-be has already started looking for the perfect gown for her special day with her costars. “I went dress shopping with Braunwyn [Windham-Burke] the other day. And, you know, Emily [Simpson] has a contact — I just know I’m definitely not going to pay for my own. Someone’s gotta donate it to me,” she says. “And if somebody wants to pay for my wedding, they can do so!”


As far as the style she’s going for, Kelly adds she wants “something simple, kind of like a nightgown.” In fact, sleek is the way to go. “I don’t like any frills,” she says. We can’t wait to see what she chooses!