Wait, what? Rob Kardashian and his ex-fiancée have been involved in a ton of drama throughout their one-year-relationship and their split got downright nasty after Rob went on a revenge porn attack against Chyna last July. But it looks like the exes might be amicable again because Chyna shared a sweet Instagram tribute to Rob on his 31st birthday.

“Happy Birthday Rob from Dreamy and Chy,” the 29-year-old wrote in the caption of what was clearly an old photo taken of Rob, Chyna, and their daughter Dream back when they were a happy family of three.

rob kardashian blac chyna instagram

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

It’s odd that Chyna would share such a sweet message to Rob even after his social media tirade against her and their subsequent legal battle that followed. In court documents, Chyna accused Rob of domestic violence and she was granted a restraining order against him, and they were also involved in a custody battle over their adorable one-year-old daughter.

Last September, Chyna and Rob were both awarded 50/50 custody of Chyna and Rob was ordered to pay Chyna $20,000 in child support. As if that wasn’t enough, Chyna then filed a lawsuit against basically the entire Kardashian family — including Rob, his mother Kris Jenner, and his sisters Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner — because she accused the family of being a driving force in the cancellation of her E! reality TV series Rob & Chyna.

But it looks like things might be somewhat civil between Chyna and Rob, at least — but that doesn’t mean that the former couple will get back together anytime soon. Sources revealed to People that relationships are the last thing on Rob’s mind at the moment.

“He only cares about Dream and loves spending time with her,” an insider revealed back in December. “He isn’t dating. He keeps himself isolated and mostly socializes with his family.”