rob kardashian weight gain keeping up with the kardashians

Rob Kardashian has been battling weight gain over the past year – and the seriousness of it came to light on last night's Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In scenes, which aired on the show Sunday night, he and his famous family are shocked when they learn about his blood test results.

The doctor advised Rob he’s at a high risk of developing diabetes and eventual organ failure – and this prompts momager Kris Jenner to give him a stern warning.

“Your liver is shutting down,” she says to her 26-year-old son. “This is life-threatening at this point. You can only sustain this level of being unhealthy for so long.”

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She tells the cameras, “It’s time for me to help Rob out, gain a little control, and get him a nutritionist and some help, so he can get his health back together.”

Rob agreed he needed to make changes – and fast.

“It’s a shock to me. I was at my best health at 26, and now I have numbers that are freaking my whole family out,” says the reality star, whose father Robert Kardashian died from esophageal cancer in 2003 at just 59-years-old.

“My dad passed away super early, so my sisters could never handle that again…that’s what everybody is super concerned about.”

He’s first set on removing his stretch marks, so he, along with Kris and sister Kim, visit a doctor.

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There’s an issue, however, when the cameras are in the room with him.

“I don’t want to be filmed with my shirt off,” he says to his family.

Kris asks, “What’s wrong, Rob? Don’t cry.”

A teary-eyed Rob admits, “I don’t even want to sit down because of how fat I am. I don’t know what to do.”

But the momager is determined to get her son in the right state of mind and refuses to sit back.

“I’m worried about Rob,” she tells E! cameras. “I’m not going to sit by and watch him give up.”

Later on in the show, nutritionists and trainers are seen cleaning out his kitchen – and he begins his journey to get back in shape.

Kardashian trainer favorite, Gunnar Peterson, works with Rob and later praises him for his hard work.

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The youngest Kardashian had previously admitted on an earlier episode his weight gain made him depressed.

“I’ve never felt so down and depressed in my life. I’m trying to be in the fashion industry and I’m not going to be taken seriously when I’m fifty pounds overweight,” he said to Khloé two weeks ago.

“It’s embarrassing to the family.”