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Since the inception of the legal system, law firms have been known to have a distinct structure and frameworks from regular companies. Even more peculiarly, the law sector is known for being held back from going public.

According to law guru Russ Berman, this is fueled by the existing ethical and cultural constraints that leave most law firms entrenched. However, Russ is delighted in the recent move and play of things where law firms are keenly restructuring with an intention of going public. The renowned million-dollar attorney is among the industry stakeholders working his way to having the law firm, a pioneering legal entity, become publicly traded.

Russel is an experienced attorney, well-known for his expertise in handling top-level cases. One of America’s Fittest Twin Attorneys, Russ made headlines for presenting the first action case against China for Covid. The self-made millionaire is also the founder of Berman Law Group, a highly profiled firm notable for its unmatched work ethic and professionalism. He is also one of the brains behind the celebrated TBT Court Reality TV Series that features a celebrity jury panel. Russ is also a co-founder of 10xlaw, a top-tier firm that helps hundreds get access to the best attorneys in the country. The diverse pool of attorneys working with 10xlaw increases accessibility to the best and most professional legal services, saving you the hassle of moving from one legal firm to the other.

Russ continues to work relentlessly to create an impactful Fintech project that embodies the ideal marketplace as he anticipates going public. The objective is to have an industry where everyone can chip in. Going public also implies that the TBT TV Series will be open for anyone to join and be part of it. This has been his dream for years, and he works relentlessly towards achieving this.

Aside from the legal corridors, Russ is a successful entrepreneur and a member of the Mar a Lago resort. He owns a magazine, sports agency, airline and yacht brokerage, a real estate company, and nationally ranked baseball teams. Russ also owns TBT Ballers and a gym. The serial entrepreneur has also engaged a personal comedian, Greg Romero Wilson, who he brings on the stage to lighten up his guest’s mood.

Russ believes that regardless of the circumstances, everyone holds the capacity to fulfill their potential. He asserts, “there is always a way around every obstacle, even though the road to the top can be difficult.” He admonishes young people not to pay attention to doubters; instead, concentrate on building their brand.