Hollywood big shot Ryan Seacrest was just accused of sexual misconduct earlier this week by his former on-set stylist at E! News, claiming he abused her for seven years. Despite the allegations, Ryan is set to host the network’s coverage of the red carpet at the Oscars this Sunday, per usual.

But, Page Six reported that because of the sexual misconduct claims, the biggest star Ryan might be talking to on the carpet is himself. Top Hollywood publicists allegedly said they may steer their clients away from Ryan in the wake of the allegations, either taking them to Giuliana Rancic — who will also be hosting for E! — or just skipping the network altogether.

ryan and guiliana

One insider told Page Six, “Usually Ryan is the one you want…but there are so many outlets on that carpet, why risk it? There’s plenty of other places for clients to get the exposure.”

Another said, “If it was a [client who had been involved in the #MeToo movement], I would never put them in that position. I don’t think any smart person would.”

And it’s not just these publicists who don’t want Ryan in the same frame as their clients — Scandal star Bellamy Young wanted Ryan to sit the gig out when she heard about his alleged misconduct. She said, “I think this is the time to step aside and let someone of equal talent that is beyond reproach to be in charge.”

Despite the hiccup, E! News’ parent company NBC Universal cleared his name after an extensive an investigation and since being exonerated, Bellamy retracted her words. But, the publicists have not. Ryan issued a statement and said, “Ultimately, my name was cleared. I have no choice but to again deny the claims against me.”