Ryan Seacrest was about 16-years-old when his new girlfriend, model Shayna Taylor, was born.

That means he was cruising around in a car with his high school friends when she was getting her diaper changed.

Twenty-three years later, the pair are gallivanting in Saint Tropez, France because, ya know, he's a millionaire and they can.

Anyway, Shayna is a really beautiful girl who posts insightful photos like this:


But we'll give it to her — girl looks good in a bikini:


It appears Shayna could be the one for Ry guy, who just this week revealed he wants to settle down.


Ryan and Shayna in Portofino on Aug. 20 (Photo Credit: Splash)

"I look at what my mom and dad have had for 40-plus years — a fantastic relationship and great marriage," he told People. "Someday I'd like that. They're my role models."

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