Five-year-old Ryland Ward, who was severely injured in the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church shooting on Nov. 5, has asked for Christmas cards as he continues to recover in the hospital, his grandmother, Sandy Ward, told KSAT-TV in San Antonio, TX. The little boy was with his stepmother Joann when 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley gunned down 26 people, including Joann and her two daughters, Brooke Ward, 5, and Emily Garza, 7.

"It's really been hitting me this week," Sandy shared. "It seems like all I do is cry lots of days because I still miss Joann and the girls and I'm sure it will be a long time before I get over that." As for her grandson, she said, "They still haven't told him yet that his mom and sisters are dead, but I'm sure he's kind of getting some kind of idea because he's 5… You got so many nice people that are sending a card and a dollar to Ryland. He does really enjoy that a lot."

The young boy was shot five times including once in the elbow, twice in the stomach, and twice in the leg. The bullets left him with a shattered femur and damage to his bladder, kidney, and left arm. His sister Rianna also survived.

In an update posted on Dec. 17 to Ryland's GoFundPage page by family member Heather Bradley, she revealed, "Ryland had a great day today… Tomorrow he goes in for surgery to look at his kidney may be able to take the tube out if all looks well… Fingers crossed!!! Prayers please!!!!" The account, which was set up to help pay for the young child's hospital bills, has raised over $148K. In a previous post, Bradley wrote, "Today Ryland stood up for 30 seconds he is still fighting and trying to get stronger keep the prayers coming for this little angel of ours."

You can send Christmas cards to Ryland Ward at:

P.O. Box 174
Sutherland Springs, Texas, 78161