She’s back! Sandra Bullock made a surprise appearance on the 2018 Oscars red carpet — and her seemingly ageless beauty instantly sparked plastic surgery rumors. More specifically, fans are convinced the 53-year-old actress had cheek implants. Yes, seriously.

“Sandra Bullock’s cheek implants make her look too chipmunky,” one viewer tweeted before another added, “It actually makes me sad to see that Sandra Bullock, a beautiful, funny, genuine talent, got the cheek injections. You’re gorgeous as you are, girl.”

A third chimed in, “Did Sandra Bullock get cheek implants?! Okay. Sandra and Nicole Kidman side-by-side is too much.” Can a girl live?

sandra bullock getty

Despite her changing looks, Sandra has been playful when asked about her beauty secrets in the past. “It’s tons of plastic surgery! It’s a lot of liposuction,” she joked in 2015. “Bangs before Botox is what I say. I’m wearing a really tight dress that’s sucking it all in right now.”

She added, “I don’t care anymore about so many things that I really cared about when I was 30. It makes me really care and focus on a few things that I absolutely love and adore.” However, experts have suggested fans are right to think she has had fillers to her cheekbones.

“Her forehead is smooth and her eyebrows are nicely arched, suggesting that she might have had Botox… She has lost some volume of the lower cheeks… normally that would be accompanied with loss of volume if the cheekbones (or high cheeks) but we do not quite see that,” Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, who has never treated Sandra, told Closer Weekly. “Therefore it is plausible to think that she had fillers to her cheekbones to increase their volume and to improve their contour.”

Rumors aside, we just love seeing the brunette beauty back on the red carpet. Is a Miss Congeniality 3 next?